Reiko from Peru#15 ジャスミンの進路

Recently I received two large donations for my work. Both of them are from Japan. One was from Father Lee, of Yamaguchi and another was from a lady in Hiroshima. It was as my prayers were answered.


I have been thinking how I could help some members of Mujeres Unidas and their families. One was about Jasmin. I have been concerned about her future. As I wrote before, she is a 15 year-old school girl who has been learning knitting with us and the products she made while she was learning brought some money for her.



She will become a very important member of Mujeres Unidas, but it doesn’t give her enough income to live. I don’t know anything about her father. She lives with her mother who doesn’t have enough income to let her daughter go to a school which would provide enough study or training to be a professional person so that she could live an independent life in future. I thought I could let her learn sewing with a professional industrial sewing machine, but it seems that she is afraid of the fast moving machine.



Coming back from Japan, I found her fear for the machine and I didn’t know what else she could learn. It’s none of my business, but I don’t want her to live without any profession. She has a year before she finishes high school, so it is not urgent, but she had better find something she wants to do. The worst thing is that she has nothing to do and stays home.


One day, she called me to the end of our workshop with her mother and she said that she could learn hairdressing if she can get a support. It is good. It will take a year to finish the course. She can go there in the afternoon after school. She can continue the work with us also. For this training, I can give money from the donation I have recently received.


The rule of our support system, which I made myself, requires that the person who receives it has to be a member of Mujeres Unidas or her direct family. She is herself a member who works with us, so she has the right to get the support. She has has to work with us even if it is for short hour or even if it is only one day a week. I’m glad that the school of the beautician is not like many other professional school, so she can work with us once or twice a week.

I hope she can finish the school and can work after finishing high school.