MAITE is a brand of alpaca knitted goods made in Peru and Japan.We are making knits which are made by alpaca living in South America far from Japan and trying to make items that are simple but also unique, and which can be used for daily life.



Using precious baby alpacaDSC_0467s

The fiber of baby alpaca is really fine with a diameter of 21.5 to 22.5microns and is similr to the cashmere’s.Though the fiber of baby alpaca  is really fine, the baby alpaca wool is strong and  has great heat retaining property.MAITE uses baby alpaca in most of the products.

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The special design hidden in the simple formDSC00550S

We design our items based on basic design, concerning about the body line and the design of the clothes, so that you can wear our items daily without thinking about your body that youare conscious about.We offer you the items that you can use regardless of the changes in fashion.

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Hand knitting and closeness to producers7縲-繝ェ繝・peru-1580s

The biggest difference between hand knitting and machine knitting is the feeling. It is said that hand knitting knits the air and that there is soft feeling which can not be made by the machine.Also, by working closely to producers, we can make precise order about the design and quality,and we are keeping in mind that we cherish the voice of  customers.


DSC_1006Baby alpaca

We use the fiber of alpaca from Michel co. who administers from growing alpaca to spinning for many years.Alpaca is grown in South America (mainly in Northern-Peru and Bolivia) and 70% of them are living in Peru.Recently, alpaca is also grown in America and Australia.

Why warm

Protecting from the severe nature environment, alpaca has really fine hair. It makes softness and smoothness in touch, and because there is cavity in the hair,it is really good at retaining the heat.


h27_wash_001 - コピーThe wool of alpaca is waterproof and does not become dirty easily, because it contains the oil naturally.For daily care, please dust with a brush.For cleaning or when you do not wear for a long time, we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing.In hand washing, please wash in with water under 30 degrees, and dry it in shade while keeping it flat.Also, you can use the shampoo and conditioner.


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