Reiko from Peru #11 ギニーピッグパーティー

Reiko from Peru#11 ギニアピッグパーティー

In this country, many people do chicken party, cow’s heart party, ceviche party or guinea pig party when they need some money.

Yesterday, Friday, one of our group member Marie-Luz prepared Guinea pig party. I bought fifteen for all the members of Mujeres Unidas. These days one portion is 10 soles. I paid 150 soles. She prepared one whole G-pig for me, even with a head. I wanted to say “no, thank you”, but I didn’t want to be impolite or insulting, and brought it home thinking of eating it for dinner. I looked at it, but I didn’t feel like eating it. G-pigs are not my favorite animals for pets, but they are not like food.




Guinea pigs are very precious protein source for Peruvians, especially for those who live on the mountain areas. It is very cold in winter, so many people breed them in the warmest part of the house, usually in the kitchen. G-pigs are like mice or rabbits and they increase rapidly. They cook with many spices. There is not so much meat, so they eat skin and all, even head. The taste is all right, maybe you can say it good. It seems that some people don’t eat them depending on the district where they were brought up.


There is a district where people eat cats, but I will pass out if a cat is served to me. Cats are the animals to love as pets, but how about dogs? Many people used to eat dogs in Korea. They say that they don’t eat them anymore, especially after the Olympic Games which were held in Korea, but I’m sure that there are still many people who like and eat them. When I was in Korea I saw dead dogs in the market, but they were really ugly dogs. I know a person who ate even his pet dog. Who can criticize them? Some religions forbid to eat animal meat, but most of the people, including me, eat meat without thinking so seriously. I have eaten llama and alpaca meat. I thought of their beautiful eyes and I was not very happy, but they are also an important protein source in Peru.